Welcome to Ezine Host

           Dedicated Servers are ideal for Larger Businesses and High-Traffic Websites

Ezine Host  provides managed hosting solutions that combine best-in-breed technology, a 100% uptime guarantee, and amazing customer service we call Live Support.
We got started in 2014 and since have grown over 100% every year having a very strong customer base in various countries across the globe.
Our customer base encompasses all sectors and sizes, from small businesses to industry leaders. Naturally, a client base this diverse has many different requirements. We cater to these needs by offering flexible, scalable solutions – from basic hosting account to complex dedicated server clusters – on a variety of platforms. We have been acting as a Back bone to many Web Hosts, ISPs, Domain Registrars who uses our Hosting Business Automation tools to offer high-end Hosting Solutions to their customers with complete automation.

Ezine Host has Managed to all the major Premium Data Center In India ,USA ,Germany ,France. And many more .

Our Strategy & Philosophy

We are one of the few Web hosting companies that stand on our own feet.
We believe in innovation. We believe in doing things differently and more effectively in a simpler way. We conceptualize, engineer & develop our own products. Our entire hosting platform & infrastructure was built and developed in-house which gives us flexibility to adopt new needs or customize environment quickly and efficiently.
We believe in complete automation & paper-less environment.

Our Service Promise

Every products & solutions we offer, have one thing in common – our very own brand of customer service, which we call Live Support.
Quite simply, this means that we believe in a team approach to support. When you sign up with Ezine Host, you will be assigned your own Live Support team, in which everyone is familiar with your account and everyone from your Account Manager to your Billing Specialist is held accountable for the service you receive. Your support team is always challenging themselves to find new ways to serve you better.

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